Let Them Eat Each Other, or: How to Defeat Oligarchs

We will eschew specific political commentary, as is our policy, but we must articulate what a new culture must resemble in order for it to achieve true freedom and fulfillment of its form.

American Elite: Unstable Equilibirum United Only by Circumstance

The current ruling class became powerful by playing and winning the Money Game. This entails, as we said before, making money at any Spiritual cost.

American Oligarchs: Sunshine Friends, at Best

If you spend any time in high society, you quickly realise it is a den of vipers: while they may play nicely in public together, their predatory instincts do not exclude their own kind.

However, these same instincts, for now, tell them it is unprofitable for them to predate on their own. That can change.

Know Thine Enemy: American Oligarchs Are a Pack of Hyenas

Anyone serious about subordinating the American oligarchy must understand that the successful method entails engendering a social situation where the oligarchs scramble to consume each other in order to survive.

Draining the Swamp: Bottoms-Up Approach

You can never drain the swamp from the top-down: it must always be a bottoms-up movement.

No one will ever hand you something precious without a struggle. This is common sense.

You Lost the Money Game: Now What??

By definition, a non-oligarch is a loser in the Money Game.

Politics in America is determined by money.

Therefore, losers of the Money Game have no political power.

What are these Money Game losers to do? Should they accept their fate from the Oligarchs, which is one of oblivion and humiliating extinction?

This ignominious end for losers of the heinous Money Game doesn't seem right, but to fight it requires total commitment, a commitment only possible through a Spiritual sense of purpose.

To Win, Money Must Be Subordinated to Soul

Money must be subordinated to the Soul.

This belief is tested by the sacrifice and benevolence necessary when forming a successful Believer Commune, which most certainly can not exist, let alone thrive, if Money dominates the Soul.

Bottoms-Up Approach: Starve the Beast to Drain the Swamp

Through Communal living, and in our case, a Divine or religious Commune, the people can properly and sustainably sever the oligarchs' tethers on their lives.

Starving the Beast: Ultimate Test for Believers

Only True Believers will make the material and personal sacrifices necessary to Starve the Beast.

This sacrifice required to Starve the Beast sanctifies the Commune, endowing it with meaning by laying its foundation in Sublime good-will and mutualism towards other Believers in pursuit of a Divine objective.

As the Beast Feels Hunger, He Begins Eating His Own Young

With successful Communes spreading across the US, the Oligarchy would soon face existential crisis and have to either accept subordination to the Communes or extinguish itself in internicine fighting over a diminishing financial world.

Any Top-Down Solution is a SCAM

Any and all top-down solutions have a genesis in the oligarchy and thus must pass the Oligarch Sniff Test.

Top-down solutions are specious because they promise things without asking for any sacrifices from those would benefit from them.

Inspired after a bender on a private island, developed by paid consultants and lobbyists, Top-down solutions are designed to fool you and benefit them.

In the end, you are still sold-out... and you know what, if you are this lazy and unprincipled, you should be.

If you want a better life, you better damn well work for it, and in this New Economy(or absence of), that means learning to subordinate your life to Divinity, which will allow you to live in peace with like-minded men and no longer struggle like pack-animals over measly scraps that escape the oligarchy's gaping maw.