Kissinger's Peace Deal Between Germany & Russia

Henry Kissinger came out today and said that the world should accept "Crimea as part of Russia".

Let's explain what this means and what is really going on, here:

Henry Kissinger doesn't say something publicly like this unless there have been major negotiations going on, behind the scenes. It means that just now, the Germans, Russians, and Trump admin have agreed to a tentative deal where Russia ends the war in Syria, Germany ends the sanctions on Russia, and Trump rubber-stamps the deal.

This means that Russia would stop terrorizing the Syrian people into fleeing into Europe and provoking more jihadist nonsense within the EU, but this only happens in exchange for Germany accepting Putin's annexation of Crimea. Note that Germany did have to kill 93 Russians to get this far, but you need to know one thing about Putin: he's absolutely terrified of dying. He has no desire to be a martyr for Russia, and so he'll cut a deal as soon as he can to get out of the "nationalist trap" and normalize relations with the EU... while preserving his prestige and the distinction of expanding Russia's borders under his rule.

As for Ukraine, it is interesting: because Germany's willing to shed Russian blood, Putin must cut a deal and cease active hostilities in Ukraine. Germany does not care if he manipulates Ukrainian politics or maintains a slow-burn on the frontier, and so it will be a long grind against the Ukrainian government, especially with the Israeli factor thrown in. The Germans honestly don't care too much about Ukraine and accept, under Kissinger's deal, Russia controlling most of it up to and including the Dniepr directly or through a proxy.

Kissinger is sending a signal that the Germans, Russia, and Trump have cut a deal. Obama may sabotage it during his dying days, but it's unlikely he can, aside from forcing Trump to make a few humiliating gestures when he becomes President to formalize this New Order.

Tu 154 Post-Mortem

One of the terms of the peace deal was that Putin would attribute the crash of the Tu-154 to technical problems, not terrorism caused by a German proxy. If the Germans reneg on their deal, Putin can go public about the real cause of the crash, but it is much more profitable for him personally to sit on the real cause and re-establish relations with the EU and end the sanctions and have Crimea recognized as part of Russia, in addition to slowly eating-up Ukraine.

The Germans anticipated Putin responding as he did, which is why, despite their suicidal tendencies, Germans are still dangerous until stone-dead cold.