Obama's Bargain With Kissinger: The Real Reason Obama Didn't Stop the DNC Hack

Obama did nothing to stop the DNC hacks nor reacted until it was too late to stop the sabotage to Hillary's campaign.

The feigned outrage and noise only circulate for the viewing public, but no one has really investigated why Obama let Wikileaks sabotage Hillary's campaign.

Kissinger's Collateral: Blood-in, Blood-out

You don't hand out medals to men like Kissinger for your good health. Medals provide protection from certain authorities, because those who possess a certain medal, if found guilty of a crime later on, impugn all involved in conferring the medal in the first place: presenting an award of the highest honor is an act of commitment and pledge of loyalty between the conferor and conferee, in this case, Obama and Kissinger.

In May of 2016, Obama gave Kissinger the highest honor a civilian could get from the Department of Defence, the Distinguished Public Service Award.

Kissinger demanded this medal as collateral for his Trump deal: Kissinger knew he was about to face deep opposition and wanted to make it clear to the Big Boys that he had made key assurances to Obama and was(and remains) off-limits, personally.

Under Obama's Protection, Kissinger Agreed to Bless Trump

A week after receiving his medal from Obama, Kissinger agreed to meet with Donald Trump to bless his campaign and give him his marching orders.

Obama's Hillary Hedge: Kissinger's Guarantees to Obama

Obama, worried about Hillary's campaign foundering and reversing all the achievements of his administration and his legacy, made a deal with Kissinger. Kissinger, assuming Trump won, would agree to preserve three key legacies of Obama:

  • Remain under Paris climate treaty
  • Provide leadership and guidance for Europe, as they currently navigate a difficult political transition
  • Commit to pressure Trump against supporting provocative unilateral Israeli action (no promises, here, though: remains valuable nuclear blackmail option against stubborn regional allies)

Obama's Bargain: A Legacy for a Legacy

In exchange for the medal and the above promises, Obama agreed to not interfere with Kissinger's campaign to get Trump elected, even if it included dragging in Putin and creating another cold-war spectactle for the media.

Kissinger agreed to fight a very hard and personally dangerous battle to defend Obama's legacy, and so Obama agreed to endure brutal and relentlessly humiliation and abuse from the media, especially from the NeoCons and the Right.

Obama knew he could trust Kissinger to protect his legacy, and Kissinger wanted an opportunity to impose his own legacy on the global order, namely, American hegemony with a pro-Western Russia that was no longer allied with an aggressive China.

What About Wikileaks & Russia?

As a result of this agreement, Obama agreed to do nothing to stop Wikileaks' sabotage of Hillary's campaign. Kissinger convinced Obama Wikileaks was a necessary component of Kissinger's master plan to pivot on Russia and make a Russian detente with the West the cornerstone of his New Order, and so without Wikileaks bashing Hillary, there was no deal.

Wikileaks: Giving Putin Political Cover so He Could Retreat From Ukraine

Wikileaks and the resulting humiliation of Hillary and many in the American establishment provided crucial political cover and boosted Putin's prestige so that he could, simultaneously, negotiate a withdrawal from Donetsk and achieve "peace with honor" in Ukraine, all the while keeping nationalists within his regime at bay.

Putin insisted on retaining Crimea, and so part of the deal is that he will get to annex it, shortly after he fulfills his remaining obligations to support Trump and Kissinger in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Putin desperately feared internal strife and a coup if he was seen as weak, and so Kissinger brilliantly exploited Wikileaks to give Putin a way out of Ukraine without risking a coup in Russia or even civil war. Clearly, Kissinger's experience with situations like this, such as in Vietnam, paid off.

Without Wikileaks crucially boosting Putin's image and giving Putin political cover under which to make strategic concessions to the US, Kissinger would not agree to Obama's deal and would never have agreed to allow Trump to become President.

Kissinger Saves Putin: Putin Burns China

In reward for Kissinger saving his regime, Putin agreed to end his alliance with China and to cooperate with the West.

Kissinger achieves his foreign policy vision and ends the menacing Chinese-Russian Soviet alliance, the only threat to American hegemony.

As Russia prepares to return to a pro-Western policy, anticipate Russia making significant security and political progress with the Japanese to dissuade the Chinese from taking too hard a line against Russia in retaliation for ending their alliance.

Trump Opponents: Attacking Kissinger's Promises

Trump's deep opposition will try to undermine Kissinger's power by attacking the promises he made with Obama: if they can force Kissinger to break one of his promises, Kissinger loses his deep protection and will allow Trump to fall under the control of the opposition.

Kissinger's Weapons for Defence

Kissinger has his own nuclear options and can blackmail either Trump or the Trump opposition if they do not follow both his agenda and his promises to Obama. His opponents may try, but Kissinger will successfully defend his coalition and himself.

These options include examples such as, to pressure the Left, abrogating the Paris Climate Change Treaty, and on the Right, causing massive war and emboldening ISIS by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.