Kissinger's Coup & His Pawns: Julian Asange & Putin

The NATO dead-enders, Sinophiles, and NeoCons continue to wildly agitate against Trump's "treason", and all the while, Trump provokes them with his obnoxious tweets.

These same GS-nothings, analysts/typists, and public figures insist they have Trump "on the ropes": funny, because they either are in denial or fail to realize that the reason they keep losing this battle is they're fighting the greatest champion, ever, of American hegemony, Henry Kissinger.

All the blackmail on Trump, all the leaks about what scumbag he is: all of this has been anticipated. There is nothing effective they can do to stop Trump without doing more harm to themselves.

Putin: Spy Laundering

Americans need to understand just how brittle Putin's power is: not only does he face numerous domestic threats to his authority, but his ability to maintain an image of competence is compromised by the chaotic command and poor condition of his forces.

Putin wants to remain in charge, at any cost. That means if he were to participate in a conspiracy with part of the US elite, in exchange for concessions, such as accepting Crimea's annexation, he would certainly do it.

Start with the Obvious: Wikileaks Went Soft on Kissinger

When Wikileaks exposed Kissinger in 2013... it didn't. Almost everything Wikileaks published about Henry Kissinger was already declassified.

Considering the damage Wikileaks did to the Hillary campaign, this can be seen as an endorsement of Kissinger by Wikileaks. Wikileaks, if desired, could have worked much harder than they did to hurt his image.

If, as some maintain, Wikileaks is working in league with GRU, then why didn't GRU release their incriminating documents on Kissinger to undermine Kissinger to Wikileaks? Why would the Russians protect Kissinger's reputation? Wouldn't they try to blackmail him to put him to work for them, rather than working for Kissinger?

It seems that the thesis that GRU used Wikileaks as a front, while plausible for the DNC election, is highly unlikely in reality. We speculate that hackers contracted were trusted with the job from a non-Russian entity acting in league with Kissinger's agenda(which can also include Europeans pushing for greater European integration and a European army without the US).

Putin would have insisted on using actual Russian hackers so he could monitor and maintain direct control of their activities.

Kissinger's Election Plan: Make Putin Work to Get Crimea

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Kissinger immediately smelled blood. It gave him an axis upon which to base an entire policy and align an opposition to the Obama/Clinton/NeoCon platform. He knew he could hold enormous leverage against Russia with Crimea's annexation and use it to force Russia into strategic alliance with the US, even if it meant sacrificing some of Russia's interests in Asia.

As mentioned in a prior post, the Trump Foreign Policy has one primary objective: break the Russian-Chinese alliance. However, for this to even happen, Trump must be elected, and Putin must play his role in order for this to occur.

If the Wikileaks conspiracy were to be executed, it requires a credible story. There is no better front for the attack than the Russians: let the Russians execute the attacks on Hillary, take the heat, and provide cover for Kissinger's coup.

The US public is too weak-minded to handle a public power struggle, and so Kissinger thought it best to use a foreign bogeyman as a conduit for the crippling email attacks against Hillary.

In addition, by promising to accept Putin's annexation of Crimea for his service, Kissinger also provided Putin an incentive to limit his aggression and escalation in Ukraine. See, Kissinger always finds the upside for American interests.

What Trump Knows But Can't Say

Trump knows all of this, actually. Trump is a manipulate media-saavy genius, but he's not a conspirator nor a mind of the level of Kissinger: he's an actor playing a role that provides a mandate to advance the policies as outlined by their master, Kissinger.

It is because of Kissinger's America-first vision and his proven record that patriots, such as General Mattis, are willing to stake their reputations on a Trump administration.

Why Does Trump Troll the Public With His Tweets?

Trump knows exactly what he's doing with his tweets and public statements: he's diverting all the outrage and attention towards Putin and Russia, and he's pushing the "intelligence community" (whatever that means) and his opposition into an absolute hysteria about Russian hacking into the election.

Trump does not push all his opposition into an anti-Russia hysteria by accident: he's doing it because he's told to do so. Also, it is a public service to watch his opposition go bananas and commit career suicide.

When Does the Trap Close on Trump Opposition?

The trap will close, soon: Trump has the real source of the leaks because his master orchestrated them in the first place, and it isn't Russia.

Part of the hacking activity was outsourced to Russia, for both practical reasons and also to plant evidence suggesting Russia was behind the DNC hack, but Russia will soon be proven not to be the source of the DNC hacks, and that is when Trump's opposition will completely collapse.

As a final point, is it really likely that Bill and Hillary are going to Trump's inauguration not knowing Trump will easily overcome his opposition and this bogus "IC revolt" against him?