Kissinger: Putin's Boss in Wikileaks

Well, the story has finally come to a head, and the US intelligence agencies have concluded that the Wikileaks emails were sent from Russia to a third party and then Wikileaks.

This news is seen by the anti-Trump team as decisively in its favour, but it's the final stage of the trap and their destruction, because everyone behind Team Trump knew this all along.

Kissinger Faction Collaborated With Putin in Wikileaks

To advance the Kissinger New Order required not only electing Donald Trump but destroying the NeoCon stranglehold over the defence and intelligence bureaucracies in the US.

Kissinger, the grandmaster of strategy, designed this Wikileaks operation to drag his opposition into an untenable political situation, where, once the true source of the leaks were revealed, they would lose all credibility.

Russian Hacking Activity: Bait for Kissinger/Trump Opposition

By deliberately routing Wikileak emails through Russia, Team Kissinger created the necessary technical evidence to suggest Russia's involvement in the DNC server hack. This supposedly "damning evidence" was created to deliberately mislead the media and Trump opposition.

The Putin & Trump Show

However, this wasn't enough: Putin and Trump were ordered to coordinate their public communications and statements to convince every keen Russia hawk that Putin was on the verge of "taking over" American politics and that Putin and his agencies had usurped American sovereignty. Eager opposition and media from both left and right would join along, gaining fever pitch and compelling the anti-Kissinger forces into one coherent anti-Trump body under a unifying accusation of "treason" against Trump.

This explains Trump's overtly pro-Putin statements and tweets, designed solely to provoke all his opposition into asserting, publicly, that Trump acted as a servile and unwitting Putin surrogate and is a Soviet proxy. It also explains why Putin had his media and spokesmen, whenever possible, slyly suggest or even admit involvement in the hacks.

Question: Why is Hillary Quiet & Has Moved on?

If Wikileaks were truly a product of Putin's cunning and ruthlessness, then why is Hillary attending Trump's inauguration? Of all people, she was the target of these leaks, and so why is she mute and compliant?

Hillary knows that Russia wasn't behind the original leaks of the data: out of anyone, Hillary knows the real story, and she has moved on, fully aware that it will prove humiliating for those who insist on Russia being the source of the DNC hacks.

Trump's Intelligence Purge

In order to execute Kissinger's New Order, Trump had to remove certain die-hard neocons and restructure entire agencies to cooperate with a restructed NATO, European Army, and totally re-oriented intelligence mission. Trump recently announced a massive purge of American intelligence agencies: such a move requires political capital that can only be obtained by humiliating his opponents.

In a matter of days, the origin of the DNC server hack & leaks will be revealed to not have been Russian, the Russian hacker narrative will collapse, and Trump will be able to complete his intelligence overhaul after totally humiliating his opposition, both in Congress and in the intelligence agencies.