Trump Will Betray Zionist Donors

Trump depended on substantial Zionist support to finance and operate his campaign.

Trump's Original Bargain With the Zionists

The bargain was that Trump would unilaterally support, regardless of the UN or other governing bodies, the annexation of Judea and Samaria and the relocation of the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In exchange for this Right-wing Zionist policy, Zionist donors would invest their time and money into Trump's campaign to get him elected.

Right-Wing Jews Key to Trump

Trump would simply not have won the election without the Conservative Jewish lobby behind him: their donations financed much of his campaign and media fronts, including his Breitbart channel.

Problem: Kissinger Supports UNSC Resolution Imposing Two-State Solution on Israel

Kissinger supports the two-state plan for Israel. This is directly in opposition to the wishes of Trump's Jewish donors and supporters within his administration.

Trump's Ambassador to Israel

Trump's ambassador to Israel is a hard-right religious nationalist, who advocates unilateral action in Israel. This goes precisely against Kissinger's vision.

Kissinger: Israeli Right Must Submit to, not Determine, the Global Order

Kissinger will force Trump to abandon his Israeli allies: the Europeans and Arab allies will not support Kissinger's efforts to rebuild order in Syria and end the Ukraine crisis, if Trump's Zionists insist on their agenda.

Trump is Dead Without Kissinger, and He Knows It

Trump will not like moderating his position on Israel and upsetting many of his Zionist donors and supporters, but the alternative is that his administration is slowly torn apart, as the Zionist policy he advocates is simply politically untenable given today's pressing strategic issues.

The EU and American Arab allies have all said categorically that Trump's Zionist policies would result in a windfall for ISIS and endanger every Arab ally in the middle east.

After Dumping Zionists, What Next?

After losing the Conservative and Zionist Jews, Trump will find himself with little to no support within the GOP. Ted Cruz anticipates this, which is why he remains publicly aloof and intends to capture the political windfall (and donations) from the Zionist lobby when Trump turns Left on Israel.

Surrounded by GOP Vipers, Trump Becomes Moderate & Seeks Bi-Partisan, Centrist Mandate

With the GOP desperately distancing itself from Trump's "betrayal of Israel", Trump will find it far more profitable to become a true moderate and cooperate with moderate Democrats and Republicans.