Kissinger Strikes Again: Ending the Russian-Chinese Alliance(again)

John McCain, America's greatest war hawk, has been on tour in Eastern Europe, recently. His mission is to promote and attempt to forestall Europe's success in establishing a European Army that is independent from the US.

Ukrainian Blackmail

What better place to provoke the EU than Ukraine: standing in a foxhole, menacing the Minsk Treaty with a threat of unilateral American support of Ukrainian forces, independent of a European consensus.

Needless to say, McCain is making big enemies within the EU doing this, especially if you consider the economic imperative for European economies of having an EU Army, which we cover below.

McCain makes Putin more popular, not less, with his obnoxious lobbying against the EU, but if he were anything more than a lobbyist for stale NeoCons and defence contractors, he wouldn't be John McCain!

Economic Imperative for an EU Army

An EU Army would have the following massive economic consequences:

  • Establishment of an EU-wide DARPA-equivalent, which would threaten America's technological edge in military technology

  • FINALLY, a European response to Silicon Valley: A European DARPA would not recreate Silicon Valley in Europe, but it would certainly take away the R&D monopoly from large companies and help support start-up and speculative commercial R&D in Europe

  • Explosive growth in European defence industries, resulting in substantial competition for American defence and aerospace industries

  • Capital flow windfall as Europe finally provides a sufficiently liquid and deep alternative to the NASDAQ for technology investors

  • US budget savings from reduced US military European expenditures and military reorganization give Trump many options, such as to finance tax cuts, new military purchases and deployments, and other programs to stimulate the economy

Why Do Trump War Hawks Support an EU Army?

The economic consequences alone are substantial, but what about the defence consequences? It seems, superficially, that the US is making concessions and accepting strategic defeat, but it's quite the opposite: the Trump Policy gives Europe autonomy and freedom from political blackmail, Russia security guarantees and territorial concessions, and China a stick in the eye.

Kissinger Strikes Again: Ending the Russian-Chinese Alliance(again)

The objective under the Trump plan is to divide China and Russia and break their alliance. By drawing Russia closer to Europe with a friendly policy and territorial concession in Europe, the Trump administration hopes to end Russia's cooperation and coordination with her Chinese neighbor.

China and Russia, until now, were playing a game, where they would coordinate regional aggression in their respective regions to expand their local power and influence. Trump's plan is to end this cooperation and bring Russia into a strategic pro-Western partnership. By bringing Russia back to a friendly Western orientation, China would find herself too isolated to maintain regional aggression and would have to accept an American hegemony in the Pacific.

This is why Trump has so many generals supporting him and his vision, including General Mattis, the only man suitable to be a modern Caesar in the United States.