JFK: The Axis of Team Trump

I have always maintained that the Russians did not "hack" the election, and anyone honest or imbued with critical faculties would agree.

Russians have trivial influence in the US: American media is totally controlled under a predatory "public-private" cartel, which allows some room for disputes but no existential threats from people outside the System.

It is under this system that legitimate stories that should indict powerful men never gain traction, and why trivial stories concerning nobodies become national obsessions... if these stories help push a constructive narrative.

Most conscious Americans are aware of this, now: Americans are slowly moving from a naive people to a paranoid one.

Trump: Front-Running Truth With "Make Friends With Russia"

Trump did not agree to run for President until he had information with which he could protect himself.

Historically, Trump has always been a bully: he never goes on the attack unless he knows he has immunity from any effective retaliation.

This has been demonstrated many times by his business ethics and practices.

Deep State Publicly Slaughtered JFK to Forestall USSR Rapprochment

That information was that the Military-Defence complex (basically LBJ-front) and the associated oligarchy had JFK assassinated to prevent a rapprochment with the USSR.

Without perpetual war and existential threats, the MIC and associated patronage networks could no longer justify their existence.

This was considered intolerable, and the leader behind the movement to submit the MIC to the State, Kennedy, was removed in a shocking and terrifying manner.

Trump: Would Never Run Without Security Guarantee

Trump is not naive: he would never have agreed to run for President without some incriminating evidence against the deep state, with which he could protect himself from the swamp.

Team Wikileaks & Brexit: Spills Truth to Team Trump

Once it was agreed to inform Trump of the truth behind JFK, he felt that he had the means with which to protect himself from a fate similar to JFK's.

Considering the effort and resources used to impugn and even impeach him, it may not be enough!!!

Trump: Pro-Russian as Patriotism

JFK was a beloved President.

If Trump were to reveal that JFK was killed by the MIC/Deep State because he was close to a global peace deal with Russia, then wouldn't the public associate Trump's foreign policy of peace and co-prosperity with Russia with JFK?

Wouldn't that instantly establish Trump as the most credibile and sapient President in over a generation?

Trump Detractors: JFK Truth Will Bury Them

If Trump does eventually release the whole story, then Trump's "Russia hoax" detractors will have lost complete credibility and, possibly, power.

Already, we're seeing Congress hemmorage Cucks: the plebs are tired of overt betrayal and demand something more palatable.

Weinstein's Seppuku: Intimidate Trump

Weinstein's social Seppuku was meant to intimidate Trump into not releasing the contents of all the JFK files.

It's the Deep State's best defense: offense!

Strategic Disinformation: SIGINT & Chekist Noise

To further damage Trump's opposition, it was necessary to establish a sophisticated media campaign with which to seduce and provoke anti-Trump opposition into a feeding-frenzy of disinformation.

Precisely because the disinformation is so completely wrong, namely, that Trump and the pro-Trump faction are Kremlin cronies, it will prove utterly devastating when the trap closes.

The question is, who is in the trap, and who is consciously dancing through it, trying to goad others into it?

Las Vegas: When Will The Truth Come Out?

The true story behind the Las Vegas massacre will be revealed when Trump is good and ready to prepare the public for the JFK truth.

The Las Vegas massacre will be shown as a parallel incident to that of JFK's assassination.

Trump has had his team sit on it, slowly leaking details, until he is ready to maximize his JFK revelation payoff.

It's all about timing!