Jeff Sessions Burns Down Dr. Nassar's Olympian Gymnast Brothel

The conceit that a mere plebe, such as Dr. Larry Nassar, would be entitled to molest and abuse some of the most desirable and talented female youth in the country is painfully naive.

Plebs commiting such a heinous crime to such desirable women would instantly be ground into hamburger by The Machine.

There is much, much more to this story.

Dr. Larry Nassar Was a Pimp to Influential Patrons

Dr. Nassar was a conduit between wealthy patrons and nubile, athletic female Olympians.

His criminal sentence suggests that Jeff Sessions' war against the Olympic Pimp machine succeeded.

Pimping-Out Olympians -- Common With Elite

Elite patrons find Olympian gymnasts extremely sexually desirable, to the point they are willing to break any and all laws for access to them.

As an example, Vladimir Putin ostensibly has an Olympian mistress, and many female Olympian gymnasts eventually marry high-class men and continue to have successful careers.

What About the Patrons?

The men (and perhaps women) who patronized the female gymnasts will never be publicly punished.

They were all asked, however, to quietly resign from their position.

Sessions' Deal With Patrons: Resign & Repent

Every single inexplicable C-level resignation can be attributed to Jeff Sessions' bargain with the patrons of the Olympic brothel: resign, accept a slap on the wrist, and the Feds will not end your career.

Furthermore, punishing all of the patrons who patronized Dr. Nassar's brothel could actually prove more politically destabilizing and risky for Sessions and the Trump administration than desired.