Another Elite Compromise: It is 1965... (or 1986?) All Over Again

In 1965, as America suffered an internecine civil war within her elite, a compromise was made: in exchange for peace between both warring elite factions, it was agreed to:

  • Import new, non-white constitutents with which to displace the power of the Nationalist Oligarchy, which had upset the balance since killing JFK: this would be a short-term concession for the Nationalist Oligarchy, since they anticipated both political success and great windfall profits from the war in Vietnam, having achieved both in Korea. Their calculation was clearly off, since they only scored one of these.
  • In exchange for this dilution of the Nationalist Oligarchy's power-base, the Progressive elite agreed to support, unequivocally, an escalation of the war in Vietnam.

Today, we are back in a very similar situation.

Blue States & Progressive Oligarchy: Using Trump to Purge Medicaid Leeches

Blue States and Progressive elites will not admit it, in public, but Trump enables them to significantly reduce the welfare burden of illegal immigrants who do not meaningfully contribute to their state's economy.

With the Trump immigration compromise, Blue States and the Prog elite have to shift towards quality over quantity, but they can maintain their inflows of white-displacing immigrants.

Nationalist Oligarchy: Want War in North Korea & Militarism

The Nationalists depend on war and a continuously-expanding MIC in order to crowd-out Federal spending that would challenge their power, which they suffered under Obama.

Massive military spending basically channels public funds into select tech companies, academic institutions, and military contractors: all of these receipents of military spending are under total control of various oligarchs or some oligarch-controlled institution.

Outcome? Amnesty and War -- Again

Our elite never really changes that much: in fact, their values and theses are many decades old.

Yet again, we will pay for another compromise within our elite:

  • qualified amnesty for DACA
  • War in Korea and support for militarism

Trump Using ICE to Troll His Base: Deporting Polish Doctor

If you doubt a deal is done, consider Trump using ICE to arrest desirable WHITE, skilled, greencard-possessing migrants: this is entirely meant to scare the moderates within his base into supporting DACA amnesty.

The deal is done: we get MORE non-white citizens for the Progressives AND another war... this time, in Asia, for the Nixonite and Reganites in the Right.

Despite this seemingly promising salve for the Republic, the Nationalist Oligarchs dearly underestimate the risk and cost of failure in their war against the DPRK, and their recklessness will cost us everything -- again.