ISIS Roasting Turks to Troll Erdogan

ISIS just today roasted two Turkish POW's alive.

It was a heinous and brutal execution, but as usual with ISIS, the intention was to provoke a brutal response, a response that ALWAYS results in massive civilian casualties and suffering.

ISIS wants Turkey to go nuts in Syria and Iraq. ISIS wants Turkey to start massacring random Sunni Arabs. Arabs and Turks do not like each other, as a rule, and this just makes it much worse.

Turkey supports the "Free Syrian Army", which is seen as "moderate Muslim rebels". These moderates are the biggest nemesis of ISIS, and so the idea behind this atrocity is to force the "Free Syrian Army" elements that are under Turkish control to the side of ISIS by making the Turks go nuts and kill everyone Sunni Arab.

Just as ISIS trolled Jordan when they burned their pilot, they are now trolling Turkey, and if you recall, Jordan's "response", initially seen as defiant, resulted them in losing most of the country to ISIS. It is not even safe on Jordanian military bases for Americans special forces, now.

ISIS can provoke outrageous murder and brutality from Turkey, and that's exactly what they want to further consolidate their support in the Sunni world.

God help us all.