ISIS is Smarter Than You!

Offended by the title of this article? Tough luck: we're here to help you navigate these hard times, not baby you like the rest of the MSM.

ISIS knows a lot about you. In fact, part of the reason they know so much about you is that they themselves determine what you read and see about them: the latest atrocity, the gruesome executions, the sadistic and satanic trials and pornographic torture videos: all of this is not just for them: it is meant to manipulate YOU!

You see, ISIS understands the West very well: so well, in fact, that ISIS knows precisely how to shape Western public opinion and the opinion of Western leaders. Whether or not ISIS has received outside help in establishing this strategy is an entirely different and very complicated question.

ISIS has been, apparently, in full-retreat throughout the Middle East, between the Russian bombing, Iranian death squads, and American intervention in Iraq. It looks really bad, right?


ISIS set the ultimate trap, and the key to the trap WAS ALEPPO ITSELF: ISIS, having total understanding of the West, knew the West would let the people in Aleppo down and allow the people to be massacred. When Aleppo fell, the last hope within the Muslim world for a Western alliance died, and now the only hope is with the extremists: ISIS.

Already only a few days after Aleppo fell, and Iraq's Mosul campaign has collapsed, with Iraqi forces being massacred by a freshly renewed and vigorous ISIS opposition. This is no accident: ISIS coordinated their withdrawal and counterattack with the fall of Aleppo.

We have witnessed the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end, of ISIS. Trump's promise to fight ISIS will only bring further misery for all of us: you can not defeat an enemy you do not understand!