How Texan Evangelicals Influence Chuck Schumer

Have you ever wondered why these Mega-Pastors support Israel, to the point of sending tens of millions of evangelical donor dollars every year to Israeli nationalist organizations to help finance settlements?

These evangelical suckers, who themselves are not necessarily living in very good communities, are convinced to give their own money to Israeli religious nationalists who think they're suckers because, well, they are!

The Jews who benefit from the Evangelical donors are perplexed that they offer them any money, but the religious nationalist Jews accept the money, anyway (the even more pious Ultra-orthodox may refuse to accept outside funds).

Evangelical Leaders: Dumb Followers Doesn't Mean Dumb Leaders

Evangelical leaders wanted more power, but there were only so many dumb Americans willing to fall under their authority. This presented a problem.

Israeli Right: An Opportuniy to connect Evangelicals to Chuck Schumer

The Israeli Right offered the Evangelical community a way to grow in power, but it came at a price.

The Bargain: Give Evangelical Money and Political Support to Israeli Right in Exchange for Influence on American Liberal Jewish Congressmen

By building a relationship and dependency of the America-aligned Israeli Right with Evangelical leaders and their Congressmen, the Israeli Right would help broker deals between Jewish Democratic and Republican Evangelical Congressmen for their respective interests.

An example of this is the back-channel connection, through the Israeli Right, between Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumer, two potent Senators.

Consummation: The Trump Administration

Donald Trump's administration is the consummation of this relationship, as seen by the stalwart support from Evangelicals and Donald's quiet collaboration with Jewish Congressmen such as Chuck Schumer, who found himself recently forced to publicly decry John Kerry in a most embarrassing manner and align himself publicly with Donald Trump on Israel.