How Obama Scammed The 2004 Senate Election

You will now learn the inside story how a nobody like Obama became the Senator for Illinois in 2004.

The crux of this story isn't Obama, nor is it the leading candidate for most of the election, Jack Ryan: it is his ex-wife, Jeri Ryan.

At a crucial moment of the election, when Jack Ryan enjoyed a comfortable lead in the battle for Senator of Illinois, he received a demand from his ex-wife Jeri Ryan for an additional $20m in alimony... "or else!". Being a tough man, he refused to pay this outrageous sum of money.

Consequently, his ex-wife acted on her blackmail, releasing proof of their wild side during their trips to Paris. Jack Ryan lost all his bible-thumpin' supporters(specifically, in Southern Illinois), the GOP in Illinois was in chaos, and Obama literally walked in and became Senator, with hardly a shot fired on his end.

You will read other renditions of this story, but this is what happened: Obama was PUT into power by forces that resorted to the most heinous blackmail and underhanded hustles to win.

The rest, tragically, is history. Fortunately, though, the Christian Right has learned to be more forgiving with their candidates, because otherwise, we would be under a Crooked Hillary regime, right now.