Globalists and Their Islamic Finger Trap

The MSM is careful to not explicitly define the conflict currently occurring in the US between the Globalists and Team Trump: once publicly revealed, it would shift American politics into an entirely crueller dimension from which we would not recover.

The Christian Right: The Backbone of Team Trump

The Christian Right is poorly understood and definitely disrespected by those who are not true political experts. That it is roundly mocked by urban elites only enhances its appeal and power. This is no accident.

Any true expert of American politics would know that the Christian Right has infiltrated and controls much of the military and, in a pinch, all Red States and regions of blue States. This is massive power.

There are not yet enough feminists and gays in the military to counter the Christian Right in the military, but there are enough in senior positions, thanks to Bush Jr. and Obama, to force some intra-service combat in a civil war scenario. Perhaps some units would break away to the Left, but the bulk of the military would fall under Evangelical control.

Officers and enlisted personnel who are neither gay nor feminist generally lack the will and conviction to risk their careers and lives against a Christian Right controlled military and government. They will follow the herd.

Operation Price Tag: Islam and the Christian Right

The Left elite(Soros and his tier-1 command) understand all this: it's why they promote Islam and want more Muslims in the US: they want to force the Evangelicals into a constitutional crisis if they were to take over the country and overtly declare America a Christian nation.

This crisis, the Left elite believes, would drain support from the Christian Right and Team Trump. A decade ago, the Left would be correct in their strategy, but today, they're not.

Christian Right Versus Islam: Force a Constitutional Crisis and Global War

Anticipating an emerging constitutional crisis, the Left elite orchastrated massive public displays of Islamic expressions in various liberal regions.

By forcing the Christian Right to confront Islam, it raises the price of declaring a Christian State: now, two religions have to contend with the US court system, and under separation of church and state, this becomes highly problematic: is Islam of the same value as Christianity within America, or is Islam considered a hostile faith and community?

Islam and Christianity: Are They Equally American?

Is the Christian Right willing to give Muslims the same public space and legal legitimacy as Christianity?

The Evangelical response to this question is to loosen Federal control and allow States and regions to freely determine their society, rather than the Leftist platform of equating all religions as equally worthless and dominated by a top-heavy Federal elite under a Soviet of American States.

Under the Evangelical framework, Muslim regions have the flexibility to maintain their integrity, and in fact, can assert even more control over their destinies, than under the elite Left platform, which would seek to undermine the Muslim agenda with degenerate social engineering.

Use Islam to Push Cucks out of Trump & Evangelical Bloc

This conflict, taken to the bitter end, will prove costly. The Left believes that by making the Evangelicals and Team Trump pay a big price for the Evangelical platform, they can drive away the Cucks and reduce Team Trump to an impotent political minority.

The Left knows that many Trump supporters are bloated cowards and worthless humans. Fortunately, Team Trump anticipated the Left's plan to Cuck the Evangelicals on Islam: Team Trump devised a plan to convert pathetic, bloated Trump supporters waddling around in sneakers into a virile and potent horde of raving fascists hankering for blood.

Existential Question for Christian Right

If Islam and Christianity are decided, once and for all, to be equal in the US under law and social convention, then the Evangelical movement is doomed.

This means the Evangelicals will work pragmatically and ruthlessly to avert their extinction and such an ignominious end.

Team Trump: Nazi Cuck-Blocking Battalion

Because of the Cucks fleeing the Team Trump coalition, it seems that the Christian Right could very well wind up cornered by the Left elite when the constitutional crisis arrives and Americans, mostly pathetic Cucks, chicken-out on deciding if equating Christianity to Islam is inimical to the American Republic or not and just want "the Government"(the Left elite) to figure it out for them.

However, just like Stalin's NKVD blocking battalions, Team Trump's Nazi Blocking Battalions, through trolling and street fighting, will block errant Cucks from deserting the battle: through trolling, protests, street fighting, and non-stop internicine bickering with the Left, the Nazi bloc will keep the Cucks in the Evangelical alliance and help them overcome the Left's attempt to decisively defeat the Evangelicals in the Courts(of public opinion: the actual legal opinions are meaningless without a public mandate behind them).

Nazi's Are Key to Evangelical Victory

Through careful provocation of the Left, the Nazi's can keep Cucks from fleeing the Trump Coalition precisely when Trump needs the Cucks the most.

Already, we have witnessed a massive conversion of Cucks to Nazi's, and this must persist if Trump is to survive the coming Constitutional battle against the elite Left.

There is also a deeper dynamic at play, here, too, with the Nazi's, but that will come in a later post.