Global ISIS Revolution Gaining Strength: Ankara Today, Riyadh Tomorrow!

Yesterday, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated, live, during a television broadcast. It is important to understand the impact this will have on the Muslim and in particular Arab world, because what happens there will affect you, here, whether you like it or not.

Attacks like this one against public authority, especially the representatives of a powerful foreign state like Russia, shows that only ISIS has the guts to change the world. This assassination only makes ISIS more attractive, because it gives people hope that with ISIS, they can finally have some power over their lives.

Now, it is true that ISIS has groups within it that are collaborating with other foreign powers for various schemes. Be warned, though, that while those foreign powers may be using ISIS for their own purposes, they are also strengthening and spreading ISIS. ISIS does not collaborate with foreign agencies because they are suckers: they do it to broadcast their message and gain more and more popular support.

By the way, there was recently another ISIS attack in Jordan, against tourists and local police. The MSM has covered it up as much as possible, just like they covered-up the assassination by ISIS of three US special forces operators in Jordan, because the West is terrified of admitting that Jordan is falling to ISIS.

In a region of the world where people feel completely powerless, the group that offers that hope of self-determination will enjoy unlimited support. This means ISIS will only continue to grow, and you will soon witness successful assassinations in other formerly "stable" Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait: both of these countries have very unhappy people in them, and their governments are seen as traitors, having supported the West's efforts to contain and fight ISIS.