German Intelligence Sending White German Women to March to Aleppo!

German Intelligence is not only waging a physical war against Putin's prestige and internal authority, but also against his narrative of Islam vs. the West. The German elite desperately want to regain control of the minds of their people and make them believe that Muslims belong in Germany.

Germans are not only now killing Putin's top henchmen and damaging his prestige by slaughtering his Red Army Choir, but they have now, at the same time, started a program of mass propaganda to convince the world, especially the potential ISIS audience of Sunni Muslims and possible European Nationalists, that Muslims can successfully integrate into Germany.

The Germans are doing this by launching a "peace march" from Berlin to Aleppo: it is an act of pure provocation, but the marchers, many of them women, are meant to persuade the world that Western women can peacefully march to Aleppo without harassment or abuse: of course, German special police will be escorting them the entire time, and any government that allows the marchers to be harmed will be punished like Putin recently was punished with an assassination and a bombing, and so they will make sure the women are protected in this march.

It is essential for the German elite to begin a sustained campaign of pro-Islam propaganda to not only keep Merkel in power but also weaken the anti-EU forces within Europe. The all-out war of the EU vs Putin and his pro-Russian European supporters is well underway.