Federalists Crippling Charter Schools With Cripples

We saw Tim Kaine yesterday try to put the squeeze on Betsy Devos.

It was pretty clear the strategy Team Federalist had against Team School Choice and Team Self-Determination: sabotage.

The Stakes

If parents have options for where to send their children to school, then they have a modicum of self-determination in deciding how the State will brainwash their children.

Federalists Want to Make Grade School as Asinine as Universities

Federalists want to make grade schools social-engineering gulags, just like they have made universities totalitarian indoctrination centers: crush dissenters and purge non-conformists early-on to secure a steady supply of reliable and completely brainwashed minions.

Federalists Use Cripples to Cripple Charter Schools and School Choice

The Federalists cynically used horribly disabled children to make Charter Schools financially infeasible. By making it a "civil rights" case for crippled children to attend a given charter school, Federalists make charter schools unviable and force everyone(who can't afford Exeter) into the Public School system.

Supreme Court Critical for Upcoming Case: Civil Rights vs. State's Rights

A case on this matter will eventually go to the Supreme Court, and depending on whom Trump puts in there, it will be decided then and there.

This case will come down to a Civil Rights vs. State's Rights issue.

Betsy DeVos: Bloody Bait for the Left

Team Trump knows this will be a bloody and nasty fight, and so they chose bloody bait for the Left: a wealthy white women.

Anticipating the Left to go overboard in their personal attacks on Betsy Devos, Team Trump anticipates the Left losing a lot of crucial support amongst middle-class households and mothers.

The Left can not resist losing control to the "rich white woman" dog-whistle, and it will cost them crucial support in this war over School Choice.

Everything is at Stake

Without School Choice, a tiny elite at the top of the Federal Government can literally determine how children throughout the country will be programmed.

If America were ruled by benevolent and enlightened men, that maybe wouldn't be so terrifying, but having seen the work of this elite on US college and univeristy campuses, every parent should support DeVos and her campaign to preserve school choice and the integrity of the American Household.