Why Are Muslims Attacked in America?

Why are Muslims in America being attacked? Are their attackers inherently deplorable predators, or is there a deeper reason behind their action?

During the heyday of unions, strike-breakers or "scabs" were used to coerce workers into giving concessions. Today, many native Americans have so little confidence in their future, they have gone on strike on building families. This has caused a collapse in birth-rates among native Americans, especially white native Americans. Rather than address the fear these Americans have about the future, the Bosses simply replaced them with a new breed of people.

In order to break this social strike, Muslim assimilation into the West has become a pet-project of Western nations, to the extent that many Western leaders, especially Obama, feel compelled to sell Islam as a sort of "exotic Christianity". A successful integration of Muslims into the West buys much needed time for the Bosses.

Given this situation, does it not make sense for the native population, which is on strike, to attack the scabs? In our case, these "scabs" are the new migrants, specifically, the latest new minority: Muslims. Because Muslims are new to America and are generally not very popular, they present an ideal target for protest and attack. If the striking natives can succeed in rejecting their newest replacements, then perhaps they have a chance to force the Bosses to listen to them and respect their voice.

This cruel situation is just one of many examples of social strife that will not go away without addressing the deep underlying problems within American society and culture.