Social Decline: Airport Anger is Never Dishonest

I know the purpose of this blog is to write about philosophy, but there is a social phenomenon that demands my attention. I believe it indicates the degree of our social decay and could foretell greater unrest and difficulty in our country.

Flying Is Horrible... But Why?

It has become a daily occurence that some outrage occurs at a major US airport.

Flying has, essentially, become impossible.

It may provide insights to ponder why...

Social Decline: Airport Misery Metric

Even after 9/11, Americans could still travel freely in airports: yes, there was more security theatre, and the security officers could be officious, but for the most part, it was tolerable.

Americans felt disquieted about the abuse from the airport fondlers and the indignity of their searches, but they quietly hoped they would be spared the worst of it.

This is no longer the case: everyone feels he is a target, now.

Authoritarian Skew: Good Judgement Only Risks Downside

American society defers to institutions, protocol, and policy for everything. For an individual with any power to risk making a judgement call, there is unlimited career and legal downside.

This is a society which has surrendered its humanity for stability or safety. This is a sterilized society.

The sterilized society is the reason why a security agent will outrageously fondle the genitals of a 12-yr old boy, and it is the same reason a policeman in a middle-class suburb will point his sidearm at a child: they are no longer men but functionaries, with no expectation of honor or judgement, just career risk aversion and perhaps sadistic pleasure, in the unfortunate instances.

Men Do Not Live on Bread Alone

America is the world's greatest economy and market, but Americans are losing the ability interact in public.

The idea that an elite can continuously drain everything from society, in our case, using technology rather than overt extortion or violence, and that the society maintains coherence, is already proving false.

It Is Getting Worse, Not Better

American society keeps fraying away, and with daily mass shootings no longer even arousing our concern, what we should think about is what will get the non-bovine portion of the American people to realize that not only is something seriously wrong with our country, but the people themselves must take ownership of the crisis and lead themselves to a better society and not supinely and lazily defer to the ruling class and their paid liars.