Dead NORK Storage: Trump Whacking North Korean Fishermen

There's only ONE reason why, after the anticipated second hacking attack, which did result in dead American civilians, the Trump administration did not begin immediately bombing the ever loving hell out of North Korea.


Dead NORK Storage: US Whacking NORK Fishermen Before Fatal Hacking

We have been disabling the boats and killing scores of North Korean fishermen at sea, who have been trying to circumvent the sanctions to provide vital foreign currency for the North Korean regime.

This means that the North Koreans very likely have hard proof that the Trump administration has been engaged in extrajudical killings and/or sabotage of its fishing fleet.

Revealing such an unpleasant truth to the broader media, while it would briefly embarrass the Trump administration, would also fatally poison any hope of reconciling North Korea and the US.

All-Out Spy War

North Korea seems content to escalate the all-out Shadow War with the US.

The question, though, is can North Korea manage to goad the Trump admin into launching a first-strike?

The victory of the North Korean regime requires it retaining the initiative, which is only possible in a strictly defensive war.

This will get messier, and, I anticipate, will get completely out of control and end in a proper regional conflict.