Aleppo Genocide Means More ISIS Here!

If you knew someone were going to rob the local bank, and you did not tell anyone, and during the robbery, the teller was killed, would you consider yourself free from any guilt for this murder? The very knowledge that a robbery was going to occur imposes a burden on you, and if you do not act given this burden, you share in the guilt for the crime. I believe any decent man would share this sentiment.

As a citizen of the leading country in the free world, if you knew a massacre were soon to occur in a small country, far away, and did nothing to stop it, would you also then share guilt in the crime? Perhaps, you might say to yourself, "I have my own problems: we should not get involved!" The problem, though, is that you are an American: you have an obligation and duty, as an American citizen, that no other citizen in the world faces. America is not (yet) a top-down dictatorship, although many would like it to become one. America is only as great as you are. If you are selfish, then we have a selfish country. If you are a coward, then we are a cowardly country. However, if you are godly, then we have a godly nation.

If we are willing to confront evil abroad, then what signal does that send to our OWN leaders? Our courage, demonstrated as active citizens, would put the fear of God into our leaders and force them to act properly. The Founding Fathers anticipated our need to keep a central government in check, providing us a constitutional right to form armed "well-regulated militias": this means there is a DUTY upon all Americans, as citizens, to act when evil threatens and not depend on some elite to tell them what to do. The Founding Fathers assumed Americans had the judgement and competence to be able to outfit and independently operate their own well-regulated militias.

It is this very idea of volunteerism and citizenship that made America great, and if you think shirking this duty is in your self-interest, you are only undermining the principles of our Founding Fathers and fulfilling the wishes of the globalists, who fear and despise sovereign nations and active citizens.

The massacres have already started in Aleppo, and whether you like it or not, a new generation of terrorists will rally because of our cowardly inaction. Our inaction is cowardly because we could have easily stopped Assad with just one airstrike on his generals: the proof of this is that he depends entirely on foreign soldiers, not his own people, to fight his battles, and even then, he still loses most of his engagements! What does that tell you about how weak and evil his regime is, when he can't even motivate his own men to fight for him? Think about it.

Future Muslims will all blame us, whether you like it or not, and use this disaster in Aleppo to further justify horrible attacks against our own people. This is the long-term price we will all pay, and the government will more likely than not react by further reducing our few remaining civil liberties. Our selfishness and cowardice have only put us at greater risk in the future.

As the editor of this journal, I take a responsibility in informing you of the true story behind our Nation's politics and news: my mission has been to protect you, as best I can, from the scheming and manipulative media, be it from the Right or Left. If the public is misinformed, then evil men can successfully implement their plans, and so as citizens, we all have a duty to impose transparency and accountability on our ruling elite.