Chinese: Those Whom They Seek to Drive Mad, They Flatter

Chinese culture prescribes certain methods and rituals for manipulating people. However, Westerners are particularly susceptible to manipulation by the Chinese.

Flattery: Ancient Chinese Weapon

You know a Chinaman is about to screw you big-time when he starts giving you lots of compliments, especially in rapid succession.

If a Chinamen starts complimenting your wife or family during a business meeting, just run: he is probably raiding your hotel room or preparing to kidnap you.

China: Sneaky & Brutal Elite

China is an ancient land, with an elite that appeals to guile, intrigue, ancestor worship, and black magic for success in their rise to power. Publicly advocating a conceit such as "meritocracy" would even make a taxi driver laugh in China.

It is every day "War of the Three Kingdoms" in China's power elite. There is no mercy, and there are no rules except victory: you can sell your mother into prostitution to destroy your rivals, and your mother would BE OK WITH IT(as long as your kids all get into Harvard: otherwise, her ghost will haunt you).

Westerners: Sincerely Egotistical

Cunning Chinamen know Westerners well: they know that successful Westerners love to be told how they are successful not because they murdered their rival's family(the Chinese way), but because they are just so enlightened, charming, and inherently meritorious.

The best way to destabilize the Westerner's psyche is through his bloated ego and the fallacy that the Western elite is inherently more ethical than the Chinese elite (this conceit especially offends Chinamen).

Target Acquired: Big Fish Mean Big Crowds

To influence key Western celebrities, VIP's, and oligarchs, the Chinese government hypes these valuable targets of influence by generating enormous audiences and crowds for celebrity Westerners.

You can identify how important a certain Westerner is to the Chinese influence program given the size of his audience and the attention he gets in the Chinese media.

Today: NeoCons and Oligarchs in Xi's Court

Apply this lesson to today: Westerners, especially technology oligarchs, who are well-received and publicized in China should be under suspicion of either sympathizing with Xi against Western interests or outright collaborating with his regime.

Zuckerberg: On the Edge

Zuckerberg's greed and ambition compel him to seek Chinese markets, but his wife and the Xi court have manipulated him into becoming an agent for Chinese influence.

Zuckerberg probably is astute enough to appease Xi to the point where he is not breaking any US laws, but Xi will not give Zuckerberg any concessions unless he truly betrays the Trump administration and puts himself at some risk within the US.

Bezos: Chinese Daughter

The Chinese gave Bezos a daughter. Do not think for a second this wasn't done without influence in mind.

Tech Autists and Silicon Valley: Chinese Simps

In general, Silicon Valley is a pro-China culture and under Chinese influence. The Chinese government carefully directs an influence program to keep both the rich and aspirational nerds in a pro-China vector to not only facilitate IP theft, but also through key oligarchs and institutions, influence national strategic policy in the US and help undermine the US' will and means to retain hegemony in the Pacific.