Chinese Backing Anti-Christian Globalists

Many amateurs are calling for civil war within the US. However, these anxious pundits are often charactized by a total lack of combat experience and understanding of the terror and suffering such a war imposes on the American people, heretofore coddled retards in a society completely unable to sustain a major civil war without suffering catastrophic slaughter and mass-deprivation and famine.

We're talking ten million or more dying in a conflict comparable to Syria's, and mostly from hunger, exposure, and disease. Over half of Americans depend on government-coerced redistribution, and under a collapsed economy and a broken welfare state, with a military stretched by division and active conflict within and without, it's entirely plausible to see weakest 5% of the American public perish under the resulting depredations and deprivation.

Der Spiegel: Degenerate German Anti-Trump Paper Advocating Chinese Alliance to Counter Trump

There is, however, a global anti-Trump faction that has, rather than reconciled itself with a setback, decided to double-down, discarding scabbards, burning tents, and poisoning wells in its all-out offensive against Team Trump.

The anti-Trump establishment in the recent issue of Der Spiegel publicly advocated a global alliance with the Christ-hating Chinese government to defeat Team Trump.

Chinese: Terrified of a New Religion

The Chinese elite are terrified of cults, such as Falun Dafa, let alone a potent religion such as Christianity, which would deprive the Chinese elite of its mandate and force China into another cultural revolution.

It is understandable why the Chinese are so scared of Chrisitanity, to the point they prefer nuclear war with the West to Christ conquering their benighted people.

Christian Right: The Real Right-Wing Death Squads

Many budding fascists or neo-pagans fantasize about joining or forming Right-Wing Death Squads, but in reality, it is the Christian Right which has access to the armories, manpower, and communications systems necessary to execute any sort of coup or counter-coup, as necessary.

It will be men of Christ, not neo-pagans, draining the armories of tanks and MLRS during a crisis. These men of Christ will have authority to act and the support of many local and regional governments, bureaucracies, and law enforcement agencies.

Neo-Nazis are Useful Fools for Christian Right

Mike Pence needs neo-Nazis to do the dirty street-fighting necessary to draw the Left into his trap: total annihilation of the globalist threat to Christianity and the Chinese influence in America.

If that means sacrificing regions of the country to neo-Nazi control or allowing the formation of neo-pagan battalions, then so be it.

In terms of legitimacy and potency, the neo-pagan/neo-nazi's possess comparitively little versus the well-entrenched Christian Right, which also has the advantage of not having a racist ideology which would exclude critical support from within the military, as many blacks within the military are actually very pious Christians.

Hammer Meets Anvil: Neo-Fascists Push Moderates/Cucks into Religious Right

With neo-Fascist provocateurs revealing the true evil within the Left, the Religious Right will succeed in amassing critical support from erstwhile ambivalent or even hostile communities, such as moderates or Cuckservatives.

NeoCons, at this point, will have fled the country, and so they are of little concern.

Chinese Elite Openly Backing Left

The Chinese elite own, finance, and openly support the anti-Christian and Globalist Left. They have enormous influence in Hollywood and in Silicon Valley and eagerly push the anti-White, anti-Christian agenda in order to weaken and divide the US.

Chinese Want a Weak, Divided US

Remember, the Chinese need a divided US in order to defeat the US military in Asia.

End-Game: Leftists Purged as Chinese-Backed Traitors

When this conflict ends, the Leftists who allied themselves with the Chinese will be purged as foreign agents trying to undermine the City of God. No mercy will be shown.