China & the NeoCons: Partners in Dismantling & Dominating Russia

Chinese Plan: Encourage Nationalism in Russia to Divide West & Gain Power in Pacific

The Chinese plan for Russia is to isolate her from the West, undermining the balance of power in the Pacific and allowing China to annex key territories and decisively influence regional governments.

Long-term: China Wants to Make Russia a Chinese Satellite

The Chinese seek to encourage Russia to bankrupt herself through mismanagement and defence spending. Russia thus helps China secure dominance in Asia, but at the same time, the Russian State becomes increasingly unstable and the people soon demand revolution.

End-Game for China: A Stake in New Russian Revolution

The Chinese vision, under this Soviet-alliance scenario, is to install pro-Chinese puppets in a new Russian government and subordinate the Russian security services and armed forces under Chinese authority and reduce them into Chinese proxies.

NeoCon Plan: Let China Drag-Down Russia, then Jump In

The NeoCons want Russia to sacrifice her potency to maintain her obligations under a Russian-Chinese alliance, but they certainly do not want China taking over the Russian government.

The NeoCon plan is to install a pro-US government in Russia, thus securing a massive northern flank against China and crushing China's hope for any regional domination.

NeoCon Trick: Use Globalists to Impose Dollar Diplomacy on China

The purpose of the entire globalist movement is to try to win power in the Chinese court. China is a feudal system with warring clans and families, and the NeoCons believe that by using the greed of the Globalists to entice and trick the Chinese, they could gain decisive influence over the Chinese government.

The idea is with enough Globalist influence in China, in the moment of Russia's collapse, the Globalists will have enough leverage on China's economy to keep the Chinese elite from taking Russia, allowing the US and American allies to make it a pro-American satellite state.

This Globalist Trojan Horse is why China always struggles with currency fluctuations and capital flows. China wants to be a massive part of global trade, but she is conscious of the risks to her sovereignty and thus resorts to a variety of crazy schemes to try and insulate the Chinese economy from any sort of Globalist blackmail at the behest of Western governments.

Of course, the Globalists think they're using the NeoCons to gain market access in China and further grow their own power and wealth.

NeoCon Fallacy: Russia's Samson Blackmail Option

NeoCons don't understand that the most likely scenario in a case of revolution, Russia most likely resorts to a Samson Option, with a hyper-nationalistic clique taking over the government and credibly threatening nuclear war.

In such a scenario, the West would capitulate and be financially and politically extorted to an extent that would imperil the careers and perhaps lives of the entire Western elite: political, economic, and bureaucratic.

Kissinger: the Smart Solution to Russia

It is because of this nuclear blackmail under a fanatical nationalist Russian leader that Western governments privately fear Russia's collapse far more than her expansion.

Therefore, the NeoCon Strategy for Russia is naive, reckless, and destined to backfire horribly. Responsible and wise patriots will support Kissinger's foreign policy for detente with Russia and an inversion of China's aims of turning Russia into a Chinese satellite or failed state.