China Provoking Civil War in India

Tamil Nadu experienced some of the worst rioting in Southern India since the anti-Hindi "Agitations" of 1965.

Trump Speaking With Modi, Today

The very day that Modi was to speak with Trump, Chinese agents coordianted a riot consisting of separatist agitation. This occured in Tamil Nadu hours before Modi's call with Trump.

Modi and Trump both got the message.

China Using India to Fight in South China Seas

China is making it very clear she is willing to start a major conflict in South Asia to defend her islands in the South China Sea.

China Softening-Up India

China hopes that by destabilizing India, she softens-up the Pakistani Front and can more easily force the Indian government to sue for peace with Pakistan and China in the upcoming war.

Nuclear Brinksmanship

By coupling the South China Sea with the India-Pakistan conflict, China hopes to achieve global-power status and check the US' attempt to retain hegemony in the Pacific.

Solution for US?

The best solution for the US is to provoke dissent and support Jiang Zemin's faction as Xi becomes more and more hawkish.

Non-Nuclear Counters to China

In a worst-case scenario, the US could escalate by supporting Islamic insurgents in Xinjiang and countering China in kind, rather than escalating to a nuclear crisis and risking unnecessary strategic concession to China.

Additionally, the US could publicly acknowledge the independence of Taiwan, forcing China to not only commit her navy to an embargo on Taiwan, but also with the consequential counter-embargo of the US against China, using economic pressure and the resulting political pressure to compel Xi to sign a "truce with honor" over the 9-Dash Line.