Trump's Impeachment Starts With bin Salman's Overthrow

It is one thing for China to unilaterally retaliate against US subversion of her oldest and most precious alliance with Pakistan. The regions suitable for unilateral Chinese retaliation include the usual:

  • Taiwan
  • Koreas
  • South China Sea

However, China will not unilaterally retaliate against the US: unilateral action, if unsuccessful, risks diplomatic alienation, which then risks domestic upheaval.

In China, that means death or exile for Xi and his clan.

Xi Needs a Just, Globally-Relevant Cause

To counter the Trump Hawks, China needs to pivot and not fight hard-power with hard-power, but instead, build a coalition against the axis of the Trump Hawks foreign policy and grind them down in a grueling war of attrition.

That Trump vitiated the UN and directly threatened the EU's soft-power paradigm only furthers Chinese outreach for allies, especially within Europe.

Xi Needs to Cripple Trump Hawks

Not only does Xi need a multilateral force, but he also needs a target which, if conquered, will cripple Trump's foreign policy paradigm and possibly induce a domestic crisis in the US that would also discredit not only Trump, but all of his foreign policy advocates and advisors.

Meanwhile, a Saudi Nobleman Starves to Death...

Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, one of the most august Saudi statesmen and reformers in KSA, has been on a hunger strike since November 10th. This event speaks for itself as to the credibility and authoirty of Mohammad bin Salman's tyrannical regime:

However, he said there was no doubt as to why Talal had stopped eating: “We know him too well and why he is doing this. There is no medical reason why he has 'no appetite'."

A month before his action, Talal told friends it was right to protest “civilly” to draw attention to the tyranny which his young nephew bin Salman is establishing under the cover of an anti-corruption purge.

Talal’s presence at the hospital has become a meeting point for many of the Al-Saud family, and a way for them to witness what is happening, the visitor said.

You can read the rest of the article, here:

Saudi Patronage of ISI and Pak Army

For decades, the Saudi government has patronized both ISI and the Pakistani Army. This is well-known.

However, there are very, very deep relationships between the anti-MbS princes & Saudi Mukhabarat and the ISI/Pak Army officer corps.

This influence and power conduit is very much alive and eager to act against MbS, but it needs an exogenous catalyst to be decisive.

Destroy Pakistan to Protect MbS

By destroying Pakistan, Trump Hawks not only achieve their primary objective, which is to humiliate China and dismay her DPRK ally, but as a secondary objective, protect MbS from a counter-revolution: ISI and Pak Army will play an instrumental role in any counter-revolution in KSA against MbS' regime.

ISI & Pak Army Will Prove Their Mettle

ISI and the Pakistani military have many experienced and elite officers and men who remain loyal and obediant to their commanders and not the Pakistani civilian government.

While Pakistan collapses around them, these men and their officers realize that not only Pakistan's survival, but their own personal survival and the welfare of their families, depends on the success of their operations over the coming days.

Hour of Decision

A counter-revolution approaches in Saudi Arabia.

China and Pakistan, forced by history, must overthrow the MbS regime.

They need to do it now.

US Left Needs Oil Crisis Need to Fatally Undermine Trump Base

An oil crisis, with gas prices shooting over $4/gal, will completely discredit Trump's promises of "stability" and "greatness" in the minds of the American plebes.

This opportunity to vitiate Trump's political base is not lost with America's Left, and it stands to reason they need MbS to fall as much as the Chinese and Pak Army/ISI need MbS to fall.

Whether rogue members of the American intelligence agencies are facilitating this counter-revolution can only be confirmed when we start witnessing either "retirements" or "suicides" of high-level intelligence bureaucrats.

When There Is a Will, There is a Way

Only a collapse of Trump's vaunted ally in the Middle East will sufficiently cripple Trump's prestige and allow China to maintain control of her key regional dependencies, thus preserving the world-order carefully cultivated and sought by the Anglo-Left and the anti-MBS Saudi elite.

Mohammad bin Salman is the jewel of Trump's kingdom, and Xi must smash it, if he can not steal it back for the emerging global Anti-Trump alliance.