Buzzfeed Leak: It Was NOT 4Chan Losers

Rick Wilson did not get trolled by 4Chan.

It's a fact.

Buzzfeed Did This Before -- Against Nike

Jonah Perretti, the owner of Buzzfeed, trolled Nike, asking them to make sneakers with the word, "Sweatshop" on the side.

It was considered "culture-jamming".

Jonah Perretti's Bargain With Trump

He's a liberal guy. He's not doing this to solely save Trump: he's doing it in exchange for Trump pivoting Left.

Watch Trump Pivot Left: Means Trump Made a Deep Deal to Help Fulfill Kissinger's Vision

The Moderate Left in the US, with Kissinger running the new Foreign Policy, have formed a shadow coalition. It is now emerging.

4Chan is Nothing & Remains Nothing

Anything about Rick Wilson (who cares?) and 4Chan is noise, meant to provide deep cover for an operation planned amongst Clinton Survivors and the Trump administration.