Born a Deplorable, Redeemed A Faithful

The Globalists have won.

The America we knew is gone.

Now what?

Become Receptive to Spiritual Energy

It will take a new energy to build our new communities. We must draw this energy from without ourselves, not within. We must be receptive to the spiritual energy necessary to not only begin the lonely march away from secular society, but also to inspire our new culture and cultivate an honourable inheritance for our children.

To this end, we must rekindle the Divine. In this dark hour, it is in fact time to embrace and rejoice in the sublime.

You are no longer Deplorable: you are Faithful.

Without absorbing this Spiritual Energy, you will wither away and die in this hostile, atomised system. You have already been phased-out. You have no future worth mentioning in mainstream society -- none.

It is imperative to remember that in order to absorb this energy, you must be open to it.

The Chaos is Our Opportunity

We should see the collapse of America as an ageing matron losing her sight: she no longer can guide nor care for her flock, and so we must watch over ourselves.

Many of our rights have been vitiated and cultural norms corrupted or banned. Some of these norms and practices were cruel or simply unenlightened, and so we must avail ourselves of this opportunity to build a better culture for ourselves and our children.

Be and Remain a Minority

We Faithful are a Minority and will remain one.

We will never be a Majority because the modern politics of the Majority require dissolving everything Good about a culture.

To be a Majority requires two things: first, it requires appealing to incorrigible and willful men who lack wisdom, and second, it demands the cooperation and participation of the elite.

Narrow Scope: The Problem With Our Current Elite

Have you ever felt disgust with how such vulgar and frankly savage men in our society, some of our current elite, have so much power? Yes, they have energy and vigour in commerce, but my God, they are coarse and wholly unimaginative.

The so-called intellectuals of the West merit no less derision. Only a truly corrupt soul and shameless opportunist could intellectually thrive in such a spiritually-toxic environment.

This Problem with our Current Elite is that they are the elite of a very small game: capitalism.

Capitalism leaves no room for the Spirit: everything is Money. Therefore, anyone who does anything corrupt, cruel, short-sighted, exploitative, or cynical is judged solely by the basis of his capital gains.

No one asks on your resume, "Do you feel guilty?"

This means that we have an elite who only follow one principle: maximising capital gains within our society.

This would not be problematic if men were simply machines, which they are not.

Naturally, this elite believes, and when belief is wanting, then insists men are machines, because to acknowledge otherwise would then imply their achievements were not relevant.

Capitalism: The Last Material Dialectic

Capitalism gave the West a way out from asking Hard Questions. It made every philosopher an economist.

After the test of World War I, Capitalism became even more appealing: instead of discussing Divinity and Human Nature, let us cover our eyes and just focus on efficiency, production, distribution, and the natural rate of interest.

The West sought to keep herself distracted from the total spiritual rot underneath her floors with Capitalism. The rot has finally worn through, though, with mass-unemployment approaching for the West.

We can no longer avoid the hard questions: they are coming to us.

Faithful Act Now: The Rest Will Follow

The Faithful must begin to act now and prepare for this transition. We shall publish further posts on our thoughts on the philosophy and nature of this new community over the coming months.