Steve Bannon's "White Ghetto"

The elite in nearly every modern country uses some sort of psychological manipulation to control its population and maintain power.

America's no exception to this, and it is obvious to the self-aware observer.

Short-Selling Society to Maintain Power

Why would an elite want to pit its own people against each other?

Simple: it is preferable, in the short-term(long-term, it destabilises and collapses the society) to have people blame each than risk distributing power with them.

Pitting people against each other is a classic way to short-sell civic society, quality of life, and the future of your community to maintain total control just one more day.

Best Example: Colonial India

The Brits kept India, an otherwise impossible possession, under total dominance and extracted unimaginable wealth from the region by, yes, playing one side against the other.

There were some winners in this game, namely, minority groups used by the Brits as trusted Yeomen. In fact, the Parsis, who are descedents of the classical Zoroastrians, were amongst the most trusted minorities used under the Raj, and it is why some family fortunes today still persist from the Raj era, such as that from the august Tata family.

Bannon's White Ghetto

Steve Bannon, at the behest of Bob Mercer and Team Trump, created his "White Ghetto" to galvanize support and enthusiasm for Trump.

It worked!

However, rather than doing anything that helps improve the lives and communities of these people, they just provoke and agitate them with carefully-crafted, back-tested OCEAN-model approved social media and provocations(marches, protests, etc.)

Bannon Didn't Build the White Ghetto: He Activated It

Bannon, in fact, did not build the White Ghetto: he merely capitalized on an opportunity overlooked by the Left, which has been pursuing an actively anti-White policy for roughly a generation (since the late 1970's).

The Left and later the moderates in the US, starting in the late 1970's, have been pushing to marginalize and eventually radicalize the "white" population of the US.

The Left: Pivoting from National Labor to Church of Progress

It wasn't until the end of the Vietnam war and a brutal period of oil shocks that the anti-White agenda became a mainstream policy in the elite. Anti-white was already discussed by many of the moderates and left elite by the early Vietnam era, but it wasn't until the defeat in Vietnam that a new dialectic demanded to fill the vacuum induced by this failure of will and leadership.

One must appreciate how terrifying the inflation of the oil shock era proved to the American elite: it posed an existential threat to their assets and power!

Labor costs and wage push inflation were determined to have exacerbated the destabilizing inflation of the oil shock:

  • With an all-white labor force, labor cartels formed and induced parasitic behavior: see UAW, etc.
  • Labor leaders understood they could use wages to play the central bank and capital: labor simply had too much power

However, with more ethnic displacement, the elite could countervail these inflation shocks with a "wage cushion", providing many advantages:

  • Using an ethical basis (social justice, etc) for more immigration, the economy had a much better buffer for brutal inflation headwinds from wage push inflation expectations: higher wages just meant more workers, rather than a spiral
  • An end to the draft and permanent professional army meant that the government did not need to depend on racial or hyper-nationalist sentiments to maintain a strong standing military: the military could truly become an oligarchic gendarmerie, something it had risked losing since mass-mobilization.

As a result of this crisis, the elite understood they had to build a new basis of labor in the country, in order to keep the inflation boogeyman at bay and forestall existential inflation risk induced by a foreign power.

Black Americans: Nixon Shoved Them into the Ghetto

Before Bannon began actively shoveling whites into their new ghetto, black Americans were actively targeted by various agencies and factions within the US, in order to undermine their personal health, equanimity, and community.

The objective was not the simple extermination of black people, although that was openly advocated by many until relatively recently: it was to turn the blacks into an adamantine anvil, upon which to beat policy opponents into dust.

However, a community of self-respecting people want results and positive outcomes for themselves, not to be used to pulverize another community without any substantive gain for themselves.

The American establishment made sure the black community changed their perspective, using any and all means necessary.

Don't believe me? Ask John Ehrlichman:

The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.

Now, the Bad News

Bannon loves Nixon.

Roger Stone Jr., a key Bannonite, has a tattoo of Nixon on his back.

These are the men leading the charge behind the Neo-Feudal Right, which seeks to reduce the white population from somewhat guilty albeit worthy adversaries of Progress and the Left into a writhing mob, worthy of nothing but scraps, adulation, and futile skirmishes with other writhing mobs.

What Nixon Did to the Blacks, Bannon Wants to do to the Whites

Bannon is the ultimate traitor: he has no vision for you, your family, or your destiny, white man. He only seeks to drain that last bit of essence left in you: he is a deceiver, seeking to steal your soul and energy in order to protect his paymasters.

Reducing "white Americans" into a White Nationalist ghetto will do as much for the "white everyman" as did reverting Southern Chicago into an autonomous anarchic black urban hell: the White Nationalists, like their Black gang leader peers, are morally and intellectually perverted and will predate on their own kind in a manner far more cruel and savage than they face under their current masters. If you doubt this, examine the careers and lives of existing White Nationalists, and ask yourself, "Do I want that man living next to me?"

There Is No Political Solution

There is no political solution to the problems facing Everyman in America: he must make a spiritual and philosophical commitment to a life not based on something greater than materialism and seek out or establish a like-minded community, and if he can not do this, he has no choice but to drown with the masses.

Destiny is done with materialism and those who blindly and lazily adhere to it.


Steve Bannon needs you for his career and wealth.

You do not need him.