Au Revoir, Rednecks!

Trump is done with you.

He has enough Jew money to cover Congress.

Thanks to Obama's coup with the West Bank, almost every Jewish donor is begging to eat out of The Donald's Hand. Even Dov Hinkind, a New York Democrat For Life and sworn #nevertrump guy, is now totally pro-Trump.

We told you: it's about the West Bank. You may not care, but the people who pay for these Congressmen's campaigns, they damn well care, and if they care, the Congressmen care. If you showed up and paid for Congressmen's campaigns, maybe you would have a voice. Those who show up and cover the bills run the joint.

If you got Congress, you got budgets, and if you got budgets, you got agencies. That means sayenara to the CIA coup theory and all that GS-14 revolt nonsense.

Now, Trump can turn Left on many issues and party with moderate and Left Jewish donors, and why not? They throw great parties!