Art of the Deal: Decline & Fall of Steve Bannon

Bannon is going out.

The Chinese, Liberals, and Cucks managed to finally break Trump's will.

Trump: Capricious by Nature

Those who know Trump personally and have dealt with him in the past know that he'll fire someone for the most specious and tenuous pretext. In one instance, he fired someone for sneezing during a meeting!

Bannon: Clever... But Not Wise

We always were wary of Bannon. While clever, he's been a careerist and not a true believer, especially with his tainted association with the Tea Party, a cynical effort to LBO the entire American economy by collapsing the entitlement system.

Bob Mercer Production

Bannon is an oligarch Frankenstein: seen cleverly using social media platforms and trolling to disrupt the traditional MSM information feeding troughs, he was able to create an enthusiastic base for Trump and get him in office.

However, getting in office and staying in office are two totally different things.

Trump: A Giant Coward & Bully

The die-hard Trump lovers will hate this, but it's the truth: Trump is and always has been both a coward AND a bully. He always predated on the weak for his own gain, from stiffing contractors to scamming lower-class aspirational Americans.

Trump: No Teddy Roosevelt!

Trump will dump Bannon to stay in office. Already, the Cuck Alliance have managed to sabotage Trump's relationship with the military, and soon, the GOP entirely will revolt against him... unless he dumps Bannon.

Trump: Time to Trade Bannon for Concessions from GOP

Trump, right now, is negotiating to dump Steve Bannon in exchange for concessions from both the GOP and Democrats. He is neither morally strong enough nor sincerely Republican enough to defend and maintain Patriotic Principles a la Teddy Roosevelet.

Sell Bannon... While You Can!

It is a great time to sell Steve Bannon short: the anti-Trump coalition is slowly whittling-away at his base, and Trump has the option to build an entirely new coalition within his administration by purging the old Team Trump and replacing it with a hybrid of Democrats and Cucks.

The only group that will maintain some influence over Trump are evangelicals and token Zionists, who can eventually be brought back to the GOP stable once Trump capitulates and dismays his supporters.

Trump Administration: Open to Highest Bidder!

With the Deplorable platform abandoned, Trump now has the flexibility to mould his Administration to a variety of platforms, constrained only by a handful of promises made to key blocs, such as the Evangelicals and Zionists.

Trump can pivot towards Schumer or McCain, but he whatever the case, he will start a bidding-war between between the two major factions within the Establishment to maximize the benefit which redounds back to himself.

Trump Only Cares About Trump

Trump only cares about himself. His sincere supporters are about to be thrown into the meat-grinder.

Team Trump had a chance for mass-movements and a bottoms-up counter-campaign, but they foresaked it for blandishments from the Establishment and Sure Things and cronyism.

Deplorables: Orpaned

Trump had millions and millions willing to do anything, anything, for him, and he will sell them out for a sure thing from the Establishment.

The Deplorables are frankly so stupid and disorganized that to not betray them, especially when given an opportunity for huge concessions from the opposition, really doesn't make much sense.

That is, assuming you have no real principles. Cynicism catches up with you, especially in a crisis.

Cucks Rejoice... But At A Price

The Cucks will exult in their victory over Trump: they beat him.

However, this victory came at a great, great cost: millions of erstwhile Trump believers have now lost complete hope in the American political system.

Deplorables have no leaders, no advocates, and no future. Whether or not they agree to die-off silently or become a caltrop for the Republic is yet to be seen.