Antifa Preparing for War... and They Can Win

We were going to write a nice, interest post on philosophy and religion, but instead, we have to fulfill our civic duty and warn the Public that the AntiFascists are stealing firearms and munitions from Federal agencies in preparation for operations against Trump surrogates and supporters.

Why Steal Weapons?

People who steal weapons intend to use them, especially in the near future. These weapons will need to be acquired anonymously to avoid tracing them to a specific buyer, which would compromise the integrity of the AntiFa network.

AntiFa is Real: 4Chan Is Not

AntiFa is not to be dismissed nor trifled with: they have the initiative, organization, and discipline to deliever stunning defeats to the Trump administration.

Already, AntiFa have hospitalized and permanently injured dozens of Trump supporters.

Trump supporters may have a handful of confirmed aggressions versus AntiFa, and most were not serious.

Fight in the Streets

This fight is going to the streets. Trump can't depend entirely on the police and military to win this for him: they will help him, to a point, but they will not do his dirty work.

The Left are masters of street protesting and agitation. They have the initiative in this battlefield, and if Bannon and Trump's oligarchs are lazy or stupid enough to think that the cops and national guard will set themselves up to be betrayed later, they are making the same arrogant error that cost Hillary her election.

Latest News: National Park Ammo Cache Robbed

A small (but sufficiently large for AntiFa) cache of bullets for both rifles and ammos were stolen, recently, from Crater Lake National Park, in Oregon.

These munitions were stolen for one purpose: to supply AntiFa assassins and street fighters. There is no other group with the incentive and urgency to risk such a high penalty for pilfering Federal ammo supplies than the AntiFa.

It also helps that AntiFa has many supporters throughout Oregon.

Trump is No Teddy Roosevelt

Trump shirked Vietnam. His business acumen entails predatory marketing to the naive or credulous. He was never a Patriot until he was recruited for his biggest marketing scam, ever: President.

Early Success... then Collapse?

Trump is notorious for engendering enthusiasm for a product or business and then walking away after getting his marketing cash. The product or business itself later collapses, and without skin in the game, he comes out no worse for it.

Meet the Mercers: Trump's Owners

Does Trump sincerely wish to defend the Republic? He is facing formidable odds, and it is unlikely his oligarch backers think his sincere and bright-eyed Deplorables are nothing but worthless scum to be exploited for their own interests.

Sunshine Patriots

The Mercers originally backed Ted Cruz, who was pro-austerity and never advanced a single Populist idea, ever, in Congress, aside from pandering to Evangelicals, the resource industry, the austerity sector, and Zionists.

Attirition of Will: Soros vs. Mercer

These oligarch backers of Trump are a bunch of Wall Street suits. They would never, ever, personally risk their own lives fighting in the streets or taking command of something akin to AntiFa.

Soros knows this. His people are willing to do anything to win, including risking their careers and lives.

Trump's Aversion to Street Fighting: Sign of Weakness

Trump's aversion to street fighting and countering AntiFa is a sign of huge weakness. His oligarch backers desperately want him to maintain "legitimacy" and use the State to suppress the AntiFa uprising, but there's a problem with this approach: The Left already gamed it. AntiFa, as we said before, is preparing to create martyrs to undermine Trump's agencies and levers of power.

Bannon and the Tea Party: Party of Asshole Oligarchs

The Tea Party was a coup attempt, during the Mortgage Crisis and Market Crash, to try and install a new oligarchy in the US. This oligarchy wanted to completely crash the US economy and buy everything for nothing (yes, that's you, Koch).

The plan for the Tea Party was that through brutal austerity, the capital markets would collapse enough to give these "Right-wing" oligarchs an opportunity to control critical banks and assets completely.

Bernanke's reflation forestalled this scheme, and the Tea Party died-off.

Bannon, for some reason, worked for this Tea Party. It is not a flattering association.

Trump Can Sell, but Can He Be a Patriot?

Trump needs to overcome the corruption within his own administration and the selfish desires of his oligarch backers to mobilise the necessary street-fighting forces to confront AntiFa.

Left Has Trump Dialed-In

The Left is hitting Trump precisely where he is weakest: between the wallets of his backers and his own patriotic rhetoric, which these backers don't sincerely believe.

By forcing Trump to mobilise street fighters or face defeat, the Left has succeeded, already in existentially threatening the Trump administration by forcing Trump's survival against the interests of his own donors and his base.