Antifa -- First Confirmed Kill

The American Antifa finally whacked their first target: some bloated, revolting Klansman. Frankly, they did society a favour, but we are here to infer and attempt to induce how this reveals their broader plan.

This is all part of the Antifa Reign of Terror(ART).

Remember: True Spartans Always Steal

Men who buy bullets rarely intend to use them to kill other men.

Men who steal bullets intend to use them immediately.

Antifa: They Have the Initiative

As we said earlier, the Antifa have the initiative. Unfortunately for the Right(which is everyone from the liberals-on), they have bolder and more competent leadership.

While the Right dithers and their leaders play at governing a dissolving country, the Antifa continue to gain momentum and focus their energy on a calculated and cunning reign of terror against the right.

Antifa Strategy: Start From the Worst to Terrorize the Best

Antifa's strategy is to kill, kidnap, torture, or simply beat and humiliate members of the Far-Right, starting with the truly most extreme and socially undesirable elements, such as the bloated Klansman, and then working their way towards increasingly mainstream members of the "alt-Right" or Far-Right.

Cascading Terror Machine: Divide & Scatter Trump Supporters

The secondary, not primary, purpose of the Antifa Reign of Terror(ART) is to scare the daylights out of the online Trump Trolls and the more public and outspoken Trump supporters and surrogates.

The primary purpose of ART is to dismay and divide Trump's base, sowing mistrust, paranoia, and other divisive reactions amongst the alt-Right and Trump supporters. These psychic afflictions will sunder the solidarity of the Trump Base and further accelerate the decline of his Administration's legitimacy and potency.

Left's Bet: Trump Won't Protect His Own

The Left has employed the ART on the basis that Trump won't protect his most outspoken Deplorables and their surrogates. It is a well-calculated bet and the correct move.

By whittling away at the most public and stalwart fanatics under Trump, the less fanatical remainder will begin to feel isolated and waver in their conviction, as their Dear Leader will be shown to be nothing but a marketing front for the Mercer Family.

Well, Kellyann Conway was the Mercer family PR representative before she got big in politics, right?

Trump: He Must Either Defend His Own or Concede

The Left, between ART against the alt-Right leaders and a sustained media campaign against the more moderate Trump supporters, seeks to confuse and scatter Trump's base.

Only Trump personally rallying his base can forestall this calamity, and it will require him sincerely embracing populism on a scale not known since Theodore Roosevelt.

Considering that Trump has fired men for sneezing in front of him, it leaves us sceptical that his Administration will survive this concerted attack without either capitulating at the gates of the White House or an ignominious betrayal of his constituencies.

For now, Trump has lazily and cowardly depended on agencies and the police to do the fighting for him. The Left and their ART are already boxing-in Trump's law enforcement and federal agency levers, and soon, Trump will be alone and without power in the streets.