Ansar al Trump: Social Suicide Bombers of Trump Admin Strike, Again

If one paid attention to the various pro-Trump/anti-Left cliques and forums on the web and throughout social media, one would have noticed a new theme emerge from the "thought-leaders" of the alt-right:

Cynically Coordinated With Jerusalem Recognition

This new wave of hyper-conspiratorial anti-semitism in the alt-right social media networks was deliberately coordinated with the Trump Administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

By provoking the alt-right and far-right into another anti-semitic frenzy, the Trump Administration Psy-Ops team precisely sought to psychologically blackmail the Cucks, moderates, and even the Left into sympathy with declaring Jerusalem Israel's new capital. Trump's psy-ops team accomplished this through overtly associating questioning the creation of Israel herself with the alt-right and far-right.

Alt-Right: Psychological Slaves, Not Masters, of Team Trump

As I mentioned before, the "Alt-Right" and "Nationalists" are the "penal battalion" of the Trump administration: they receive no material benefits nor sincere consideration from the billionaires and neo-Globalists(replaced one set of globalists with another) in power, but instead they are expected to respond predictably to every suggestion or insinuation by the Trump Administration.

Team Trump feeds these broken souls revenge fantasies and bitterness, nothing else. Team Trump literally drains the lives, souls, and human potential from members of the Alt-Right and Nationalists in order to sculpt their narrative and fulfill their own self-interests. That Team Trump is the most overtly Zionist regime in the US, ever, clearly escapes the attention of the alt-right.

It is for this reason that the Alt-Right is a predatory and cynical movement, which will only cause further long-term harm to America and Americans, yet proves irresistable to those in power who seek short-term gains.

Alt-Right: Social Suicide Bombers of Trump Admin

Sometimes, such as in this episode, Team Trump uses the alt-right networks as social suicide-bombers: imbued with carefully timed and cultivated "insights" and disinformation to proliferate, throughout their web forums and social media networks, when ordered, these Team Trump Social Bombers then express their feelings, which were engineered by cynical and cunning men who travel in private jets and share nothing with these disposable deplorables, in the most destructive manner as possible.

This Social Suicide Bombing by the Alt-Right induces sympathy by the remainder of society, which then reflexively oppose whichever idea or concept was touted by the Alt-Right and Far-Right. This means that, in fact, Team Trump overtly seeks to betray the sentiments of these social suicide bombers, but in consideration for their spiritual and social self-destruction, these players win a few moments of blithe, spiteful glee.