An Inauspicious Inauguration for... Paul Ryan

When Trump formally assumed power as President, it became very clear that almost no one attended his inauguration, especially in comparison to the most recent President, Obama.

It might be tempting to assume this is bad for Trump, but actually, it is bad for the GOP, not Trump.

However, let us now appeal to ancient wisdom to get an idea of what's going to happen.

Torah Portion: Job 1-21

Jared Kushner is an evil genius. Ok, he's not a genius, but he is very clever and extremely, extremely sneaky. One could safely say it runs in the Kushner blood.

Kushner helped create the "alt-right". Therefore, when it has exhausted its purpose, he can also kill it, too.

Kushner's Trolls: From 4Chan to Milo & Spencer

Kushner was instrumental in forming and managing the entire Trump troll army, from 4Chan trolls all the way to Milo, one of Kushner's personal favorites and the only one for whom he has some modicum of personal loyalty and respect.

Kushner Troll Army: Guerilla War Against MSM

Kushner's Troll Army was essential to Trump's victory: without executing this psychological guerilla warfare against the MSM hordes, Trump would never have had a chance.

Kushner: Borderline Libtard

The only reason Kushner is not a complete libtard is that he's religiously observant: only his observant Jewish household tethers him at all to any values one commonly calls, "conservative". This means Ivanka pressures him toward traditional values more than anyone else in his life, and that's not saying much.

Kushner's brother, who is not religious, attended the "Women's Rally" against Trump. We maintain that Jared would have also been there, were he not personally religious.

Why These Rallies Were Held: Toxic Waste for Mid-terms

Any Congressman, outside of a deep-red district, when seeing these manifestations against Trump, becomes very anxious about his chances in the midterms. He would want to play it safely and ride it out.

That won't be allowed. All escapes are closed: it is either Trump or Death, now.

Plan: Get Every Republican Reading The Daily Stormer

Kushner anticipates this avalanche of liberal outrage, and he wants to mine it to help push all sympathizers and Trump supporters into the Alt-Right platform.

Publications such as The Daily Stormer exist solely to do just that.

Objective Achieved: GOP Forced into Alt-Right

Kushner wants everyone Republican to sympathize with neo-Nazi's. The purpose of this is to kill Trump's primary Congressional nemeses: the Cuckservatives.

Biggest Losers: Cucks

The Biggest Losers of these rallies isn't Trump: the biggest losers are the Cuckservatives. These are the GOP politicians who get donations by the Koch Brothers: the Paul Ryan and McCain faction.

They are anti-Trump but also anti-Worker and, with their healthcare policies, very credibly "anti-women" in today's opinion.

Cucks are terrible people and also are enemies of the State, and so it is entirely ethical to create a neo-Nazi platform to undermine them.

When a bunch of Jewish guys finance and orchestrate the neo-Nazis, though, it's hilarious.

Hour of Decision for Cucks: Suicide or Support

The Cuckservatives are in a real bind, because the militancy of these anti-Trump manifestations means they can no longer be anti-Trump AND Republican.

The Cucks must decide: are they low-rent Democrats or Trump-obediant Republicans?

With Cucks Brought to Heel, Trump Pivots Left

The Cuckservatives will soon realize that Kushner's Alt-Right troll brigade will drown them in militant liberal outrage if they don't capitulate to Trump.

Night of Long Knaves: Alt-Right GOP Betrayed By Trump & Evolves into Nazi Party

Once the Cucks are defeated in Congress, the Alt-Right will be purged from power to protect Trump's new moderate-left coalition. This purge will prove brutal and catastrophic for those caught off-sides.

The leaders of this new Nazi Party aren't stupid: they understand betrayal by Trump is inevitable, and they are OK with it: they will still leave the Trump Administration with their Party, which has loyal support from 15-20% of the country. This makes the new Nazi Party an effective veto on national policy that could adversely impact their supporters and Party members.

Ironically, the Nazi Party would prove fiscally very liberally and often collaborate with the Left against moderates or fiscal conservatives.

With Freedom to Act, Orange Tsar Reigns!

All this trolling has two goals: 1) fun 2) enlightened policy

With the Cucks duly crushed, the Orange Tsar will reign freely and hopefully bring us closer to a suitable single-payer healthcare system.