Peter Thiel's Terror Machine

Peter Thiel is truly the greatest warlord of Team Trump. He is a veritable khan of the Trump Horde. That he is gay accords with what DH Lawrence once wrote, "I should like to know why nearly every man that approaches greatness tends to homosexuality, whether he admits it or »

El Erian: Mohammad bin Salman's Eunuch

Eunuch's historically have been used by powerful Muslim rulers for administrative purposes. Mohammad El Arian is precisely the bureaucratic eunuch needed by both Trump and his Saudi ally, Mohammad bin Salman. Finger on the Trigger With El Arian as a Fed Vice Chairman, Trump can better position his Team to »

Theranos: The "Uranium One" of North Korea

Recall the much-touted "miracle company", Theranos, with its apocryphal and mysterious, androgynous variant of wonder-woman cum Steve Jobs at its helm? Well, everyone in the blood testing business knew it was a sham. However, the investors in the company were some of the most powerful and connected men in the »