Weinstein: Sacrificed for Greater Good

Weinstein was sacrificed. Weinstein was sacrificed by the Deep Power(define as you wish) in order to prepare the American public for a Trump impeachment, specifically, one relating to a "piss tape". Trump Impeachment: Left Hegemony Risks Civil War The Deep Power of the US realized that if Trump were »

Richard "Zyklon B" Spencer: Kapo of the White Ghetto

Richard Spencer: Kapo for Neo-Feudal Oligarchs Richard Spencer, the shameless agent provocateur prostitute of the Neo-Feudal elite, has just enough inherited wealth to make him trusted by the true oligarchy in their schemes. This is why he is so useful: while he's just barely one of them, he is just »

Steve Bannon's "White Ghetto"

The elite in nearly every modern country uses some sort of psychological manipulation to control its population and maintain power. America's no exception to this, and it is obvious to the self-aware observer. Short-Selling Society to Maintain Power Why would an elite want to pit its own people against each »