The Inevitable Decline & Fall of Big Pharma

Cannibalize Wages or Consume Cannabis -or- The Inevitable Extinction of the Opioids Predators, as seen in the Lotka-Volterra Model To begin this note, let us first look at the theory behind extinction events for a population under a generalized Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model. I will defer to the excellent paper by »

The Masses Love Asses (it took a while, though)

Hillary Clinton has announced her plan to "teach" at Columbia University. This amounts to a formal retirement from public life of the most powerful woman in American political life. As I said before, the old guard of the Left had to be purged before Trump is removed, to avoid unduly »

ARAMCO: Son of De Beers, Grandson of the Honourable Company

ARAMCO: The New De Beers -or- Carbon Emissions and “Blood Diamonds”: Saving a Market (by Destroying It) The Arab Spring tested Globalist resolve: what was the West going to do about a menacing collapse of her client states? Expected Loss from an Arab Client Collapse How could one measure the »